The Modern Industry Training Center in Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES) was established in May 1998 and renamed in October 2003. The center is the important practical teaching base for cultivating application-oriented and innovative talents in our college, which is now serving for the whole college students in different majors to learn comprehensive basic engineering experiments, practice, training, special experiments in the aspect of all majors and professional innovative experiments about communication and transportation.

The Modern Industry Training Center focus on comprehensive engineering training to realize specialty and discipline overlap as the starting point, which integrates and optimizes disciplines of engineering practice teaching resources about Machinery Manufacturing, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Modern Communication and Transportation, Computer Application, Systems Engineering and Operating Management, etc. The center also absorbs high quality resources through the strategic alliance of enterprises, universities and research institutes to carry out all-round industry-university-research cooperation and construct the practice teaching platform based on the advanced concept of practice teaching, sophisticated equipment, experiments with good environment, scientific and standardized management and teachers with high quality, which provides engineering training conditions forstudents to explore the future, advocate science, stimulates interest and experiment independently.

At present, the building of the practice teaching platform in the center has 49487m2, hundreds of high quality experimental equipment which worth more than 114 million yuan. There are lots of laboratories such as NC Machining Technology Lab, Flexible Manufacturing System Lab, Workshop Informationize Engineering Lab, Rail Transit Operating Management Lab, Automotive Engine Lab, Aviation Equipment Maintenance Lab, etc. The center are fitted with more than 10200 diversified instruments, including more than 70 large-scale instruments which worth one hundred thousand yuan.

In 2006, The Modern Industry Training Center was approved Shanghai Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center by the Ministry of Education. In March 2009, the construction of National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center won first prize of Shanghai teaching achievement awards that it stands for the idea of innovating engineering training platform and cultivating engineering talents in our college.

The Modern Industry Training Center makes the unremitting exploration in the practice teaching reform, which is helpful for students to promote their innovative spirit and practice abilities. As National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, the center has been the open practice teaching base and the incubator base for students’ engineering innovating abilities, which is now serving for the whole college and Shanghai city, even for the country.

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